Residents in Arenal have simply had enough of the behaviour of some tourists. | Click

Residents in Arenal, who have consistently voiced their complaints about tourist behaviour this year (and in previous years) have set up a petition against so-called low-cost tourism. It has been running for around a month and has so far gathered more than 11,000 signatures. The petition demands that measures be taken against tourists for whom there seem to be no limits to their anti-social behaviour.

The petition draws attention to the various negative consequences of this tourism during the summer: rubbish of all types on the streets and the beach and in the sea; urinating and vomiting; fights; filth; loud music; vandalism; sex in public. As far as the residents are concerned, they are faced with a totally unsustainable situation.

The regional government, Council of Majorca and Palma and Llucmajor town halls are being asked to take effective action against a type of tourism that is cheap, without respect and out of control.