The CCOO union has called on the national government to harmonise regulations on holiday rentals, which were firmly established as regional responsibilities in 2013.

The union is insisting that rentals need to be regulated in order to deal with properties that are outside the law and so that they can be commercialised in a correct manner.

Demand for holiday rentals has increased significantly because of the rising price of accommodation which is fully regulated, e.g. hotels. In addition, there have been strong marketing campaigns by websites (for instance Airbnb), which have contributed to the growth and spread of demand.

Measures adopted by the regions, says the union, have not been "free from controversy". Therefore, it believes that Madrid should come up with state regulation that would apply a standardised approach to rentals. This should be developed through agreement with regional governments, unions, employers' associations and consumers.

Regulations should also be subject to existing provisions with regard to the environment, building, land use, machinery, health and safety, fire prevention, and water supply. The CCOO wants regulations that ensure coexistence between residents and tourists and which combat the type of "tourismphobia" that has been witnessed in Barcelona, Palma and Ibiza.