It is particularly hot in Majorca at present. | Josep Bagur Gomila

The hot weather in Majorca is continuing. Aemet forecasts that today the highs will be above 38C. Like yesterday, high cloud is expected to dominate. Light showers are possible and will be of the muddy variety. Overnight temperatures will remain "tropical" and over 25C. Last night there were temperatures in the early morning near 30C, while there is one report that on Tuesday morning at around 4am it was 36C in Banyalbufar. Humidity is also a factor at present, with levels reaching 90%.

Because of the heat, the demand for electricity has reached record levels. On Monday at shortly before two in the afternoon, it was 1,245MW, which was above the previous record of 1,244 on 7 August 2008. Endesa anticipates that this record will be pushed higher this week. Overnight on Monday, minimum demand was 684MW.

Majorca and the rest of the Balearics are on high alert for forest fires. Up to the end of July, there were 65 fires. These represented a decrease of almost 6%, though the number of hectares affected - 78 - was up by close on a quarter. Of the 65 fires, 34 were in Majorca.

The health service, IB-Salut, has responded to a level three alert (the highest risk) for temperatures by activating its procedures for dealing with the effects of heat.