A new promotion campaign for Palma city breaks from Jet2.com.


The Palma 365 Tourism Foundation is continuing with a strategy of positioning Palma as a city-break destination for British tourists. It has therefore launched a new promotional campaign with Jet2.com that will run until the end of November. The campaign is a reflection of the efforts that Jet2 are making to promote Palma as an all-year destination.

The director of Palma 365, Pedro Homar, explains that the campaign consists of online and published media promotion. Online publicity is in the form of banners directed at potential travellers coming to the final phase of their decision-making, and these banners are being organised by the Media IQ analytics technology company. They can reach almost nine million unique online users. There are also adverts on TripAdvisor, which gets 340 million unique visitors per month.

The published media promotion is through the Jetaway magazine, and it is estimated that this will reach an audience of four million readers over a six-month period.

Jet2.com representatives are stressing the importance of working together with Palma 365. Based on information from January this year, Palma was the seventh most popular Jet2 city-break destination out of 27. The airline is increasing capacity on its flights to Palma this winter from Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh by 129%, meaning a net increase of 21,882 seats.

In February 2016 direct flights started operating from these airports which meant an offer of more than 10,000 new seats. For the 2016/2017 winter there was an increase of 67% for the months of November, February and March.