And things became very ugly in Catalonia yesterday. This was in Lleida. | Adri

Some 4,000 people, according to the national government delegation, took part in a rally in Palma yesterday against the referendum in Catalonia. The gathering was in Plaça Cort and was arranged by the Circulo Balear Foundation, which represents the organisation for the defence of the Spanish nation (Denaes) in the Balearics.

Rallies in front of town halls across Spain took place yesterday, and the one in front of Palma town hall protested against the "annexing of the Balearics" and the project for "Catalan separatism". Spanish flags were waved and there were cries of "I am Spanish", while there were banners stating "We are the Balearics, not Catalan lands".

The president of the Circulo Balear, Jorge Campos, said that the rally showed that the majority of the citizenship was against the separatist coup and in favour of peaceful coexistence.

On Friday evening, there had been a pro-referendum and independence rally. Three thousand people were said to have taken part in it. Various members of Més took part, such as the party's two parliamentary spokespeople, David Abril and Bel Busquets, as did Podemos politicians.

The Balearic government, via the ministry for the presidency, has been meantime urging the national and Catalonian governments to restore dialogue in order to find a political solution to the conflict in Catalonia.