Looks like there'll be tourist tax revenue for Bellver forest. | R.L.


The committee which considers the spending of tourist tax revenue is to convene on Monday. This is the larger of what are in fact two committees. There is a smaller one which makes the final recommendations.

The deadline for proposals was a few weeks ago, and it is understood that there are 62 projects under consideration, for which there is 49.1 million euros of tax revenue. This amount, it has to be assumed, will be added to at some point, as it is well below the anticipated revenue for 2017.

The most costly project is the purchase of the Canons finca in Arta, for which 4.75 million euros are required. There are other fincas being targeted, such as Es Verger in Alaro (which includes the castle) for 1.05 million. Close to the Canons acquisition in terms of cost is 4.6 million euros funding for the ministry of land, energy and transport to develop electric mobility, i.e. charging points of differing types to serve private vehicles and public buses.

The agricultural sector stands to receive 1.5 million euros for a diversification of the cultivation of traditional farming land. A similar amount is wanted for rehabilitating municipally owned rural ways in the Tramuntana, and there is a further one million for a public observatory in the mountains. The Balearic Tourism Agency is seeking 1.2 million euros for promoting gastronomy, culture and the natural environment. Palma town hall is expected to get the nod for three projects (combined value around five million euros): one a joint proposal with Llucmajor for an improvement to the Jueus torrent, and the others for the Torres del Temple and the perimeter walkway at the Bellver forest. Palma was indignant that it didn't receive any direct funding from the tax last time.

Some of the projects will be ongoing, so they will be needing tourist tax revenue next year and perhaps beyond. While many of them seem as if they are already done deals, it remains to be seen what degree of consensus there actually is among members of the committee. The government is very well represented on the committee, the president of which is tourism minister Biel Barceló.