Procedures are in place to help the homeless. | Archive


The Majorca Institute of Social Affairs, a Council of Majorca body, has activated its procedures for cold weather and for help for the homeless. The procedures have been in place since Wednesday, once Aemet forecast temperatures of below 7C plus heavy rain and strong winds.

The social services agency operates these procedures according to specific weather conditions. These are prevailing at present and so the agency seeks to ensure that anyone living on the street on a regular basis can have access to one of its centres.

There are different reception centres and the number of places they have is increased at times of particular need. While the procedures are in place, efforts are made to locate as many homeless people as possible and persuade them to go the centres. Meanwhile, more blankets, hot drinks and food are distributed.

The cold front from the Arctic that is affecting Majorca at present produced some snow down to 300 metres yesterday. There were bursts of heavy rain and hail in areas, while northerly winds reached 70kph. The snowline is expected to drop at least a further 100 metres today. Daytime highs are struggling to make 12 or 13 degrees and overnight temperatures are down to two or three celsius in parts of the island.