Tourism minister Biel Barceló in parliament yesterday. | Conselleria Vicepresidencia (Twitter)


Tourism minister Biel Barceló told parliament yesterday that proceedings are to be opened against Airbnb and TripAdvisor for contravening Balearic holiday rentals legislation.

The two websites, said Barceló, have not complied with requirements for advertising properties and have permitted adverts which do not include a tourism ministry registration licence number.

The proceedings, he added, are to be initiated as a matter of urgency. Fines can be as high as 400,000 euros.

The minister explained that since the legislation came into force on 8 August, 84 proceedings have been opened against owners and six agencies. At the same time, Barceló welcomed the fact that other websites have come into line with Balearic legislation, e.g. Booking, Hundredrooms and Rentalia.

Josep Melià of El Pi, who had asked about action being since the legislation was implemented, criticised what he believed was insufficient activity on behalf of the tourism ministry's inspectors.