Residents in the Establiments district of Palma demanding greater road safety.


Residents of Establiments have protested against the dangerous nature of the main road that passes through their part of Palma. The protest followed a fatal accident on Christmas Eve, caused by a driver going at high speed, and is the latest in a history of demands for improvements to be made to safety. Mayors of Palma have been asked to do something, and none have, claim the residents.

There should at least, insist the residents, be pavements. While the road is classified as a "carretera" main road and is the responsibility of the Council of Majorca, it is more like an ordinary road. When it's dark, it is essential that pedestrians wear reflective vests, given how dangerous the road is.

Rather than classification as a "carretera" main road or highway, the residents would prefer that it was an urban road with traffic lights and traffic regulation. Pedro Vaquer, on behalf of the residents, says that even cutting the speed limit to 40kph makes little difference to drivers, especially young ones coming from Esporles, who seem to be encouraged to go quicker because there are no pavements.

The town hall and the Council of Majorca have been in dispute over the road. While the residents have made their approaches to the town hall, the fact is - they say - that both the Council and the town hall have ignored the problem. The dispute boils down to the provision of pavements. The town hall has rejected the ceding of the Establiments stretch of road to it unless the Council of Majorca puts in pavements. The Council, for its part, has refused to do this as it doesn't instal pavements in any other municipality and cannot make an exception for Palma.