Restoration work at Bellver Castle is badly needed. | Archive


Restoration work at Bellver Castle is scheduled to start this year. Palma town hall's councillor for culture, Llorenç Carrió, says that the work is moving closer now that urgent approval has been given to the drafting of the project. The town hall's spokesperson, Susanna Moll, explains that the specifications will be drawn up for one of the defence enclosures, the bastion and the interior of the castle. The cost of drafting the project is just over 70,000 euros; the work itself will cost one million euros.

The Council of Majorca agreed at the end of last year to provide a grant of 942,000 euros to the town hall, and it - the town hall - will have until the end of December 2020 to carry out the whole project and to pay for it. Once the restoration work is completed, the Council's historical heritage service will report on the work and evaluate if it is in accordance with the agreement for the grant. The town hall will then be obliged to maintain and preserve the work.

There have been various complaints about the deterioration of the castle. Among these have been ones from the federation of residents associations in Palma and the Arca heritage association. The current administration stated that work to rehabilitate the castle would be a priority. It has been in office for more than two and a half years, and nothing has yet been done. The town hall has spent much of that time blaming the Council of Majorca for not providing funds.