The investigation is still ongoing and further arrests are not being ruled out.


Over 100 armed members of the National Police narcotics and immigration squads raided the Palma district of Son Gotleu on Thursday evening. Yesterday morning, National Police chiefs confirmed that a total of 13 people had been arrested but that the operation, “Operation Lagos”, was still very much “live” and that more suspects could be detained over the coming days after further information is gathered from those already in police custody.

At 6.30pm , the 100-plus officers raided and searched eleven residential and commercial properties as part of the anti-drugs and illegal immigration operation. The operation lasted over three hours and caused a great deal of interest amongst the local community. The large police presence and the closure of roads attracted a great deal of attention, with scores of people watching developments from their balconies. Twelve of the thirteen arrested are from southern Africa while the thirteenth is a female Spanish national who is wanted for questioning by the police in Murcia on the mainland.

Of the thirteen, eight have been arrested for immigration infractions, four others for drugs-related offences and the woman because of the warrant out for her arrest. The police also confiscated varying amounts of marijuana and cocaine.

Earlier this month, the Guardia Civil mounted a dawn raid in the area to break up a gang which had been targeting properties outside of Palma. As a result of the operation, seven people were arrested in connection with a total of 75 robberies in rural Majorca.

Son Gotleu was recently singled out for extra community policing because of the high level of civil unrest and illegal activities in the neighbourhood, which have occasionally spilled over into violent clashes between the various nationalities which live in the district.