Council of Majorca personnel working on installing the wooden barriers. | MDB

The Council of Majorca's land and environment departments are currently working together in improving the safety of the dry-stone route by installing wooden barriers along the new stretch of the seventh stage between Son Amer (Lluc) and the Pont Romà (Roman Bridge in Pollensa).

As well as this work, the Council is discussing the recovery of the stretch of the dry-stone route that goes through the Can Pontico finca, which lies off the main Lluc road not far from Pollensa. The environment department says that the owners are well disposed to this and that there is to be a meeting with the Council's heritage department to map out the exact limits.

This comes nine months after the stretch of the old Lluc road passing through the Ca na Borrassa finca, which belongs to the family of former Pollensa mayor Tomeu Cifre Ochogavia, was itself restored. This followed years of complaints about obstacles to hikers that were installed on the finca.

Josep Manchado, the director of the environment at the Council, has promised to give equal treatment to owners of fincas through which the route passes. Cifre had complained that he and his family had been singled out because of his politics: he was with the Partido Popular before forming his own group, Tots per Pollença, shortly before the 2015 municipal election.