The season is almost upon us.


The Calvia Tourism Forum met yesterday to consider actions for the coming season, with the town hall placing emphasis on quality improvements and continuing the fight against tourist excesses.

There was a report about work carried out over the winter and which is continuing. Town hall investment this winter has amounted to some six million euros. Half of this has been dedicated to work on front and second lines, such as the coastal promenade in Santa Ponsa and calle Galió in Magalluf, as well as to the Malgrats mirador. The Calvia 2000 municipal services agency has invested the other three million in, for instance, upgrading the drainage systems in Santa Ponsa and on the S'Olivera avenue in Magalluf and renovations at the Bendinat and Paguera waste-treatment plants.

Also where Calvia 2000 is concerned, waste collection and street cleaning efforts have been strengthened since 5 March and will continue until 11 November. It was reported that over the past seven years the amount of rubbish collected has risen to 6,000 tonnes. Beach cleaning services have also been brought forward, and all beaches will be fully ready by 1 May.

On policing, recruitment of additional officers for the summer has begun and they will gradually be introduced into the local force. From Monday there will be increased police presence in the main nightlife areas. The councillor for public safety and security, Andreu Serra, noted that during the winter special police attention was paid to parts of Magalluf and Paguera in order to control problems with street drinking. From 1 April afternoon and night shifts for the "multi-purpose" police unit will start operating, while as of 1 May the services for the beaches and special reinforcement for Punta Ballena will commence.

The councillor for activities, Mari Carmen Iglesias, spoke about the information campaign targeting booze tourism and tourist excesses. A leaflet is to be distributed which sets out the main points of municipal bylaw for coexistence regarding drinking alcohol in the streets and obligations that bars and other establishments have with regard to the sale and serving of alcohol.

She also pointed to the need to improve regulation of certain aspects of ordinance governing publicity in the streets, in particular the work of PRs for bars and clubs. Organising how they work and where they work is one aspect that requires more control, for example to stop fights breaking out between rival PRs.

Earlier this week, the town hall announced that fines for sixteen acts of anti-social behaviour are increasing, with a quadrupling of the fine for urinating in a public area and a doubling for, for instance, showing a lack of respect to police officers (up from 200 to 400 euros).

But while the town hall makes these various announcements, the inevitable question will be - what about the mugging prostitutes?


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Paul / Hace over 3 years

Also i hope someone in caliva reads this paper or some of the committees on here because as they would see that most of the committees are about the black sex ?


Paul / Hace over 3 years

So calvia are going to sort out magalluf by picking on the bar owners by making use get Pr licences but the black sex/muggers are free to walk the streets haaaaaa also they are going to put a stop to bar crawls haaaaaa . the season has only just started AND i can tell you no that today 30/03/2018 I've seen 12 ticket sellers on the streets running around on mopeds but one thing i didn't see was police ??? So caliva don't just talk the talk walk the walk and do what you say your going to do .


Lawrie / Hace over 3 years

I'm sorry but the black "muggers" are here to stay. Look at London and the stabbing deaths. The politicians and the police will discuss anything but the real problem.


Carol wright / Hace over 3 years

Hopefully Calvin council will send the mugging prostitutes straight back home!! Sick of the intimidation now they carry knives. Very scary


Blackadder / Hace over 3 years

These anti social behaviour fines of course will not be levied on the late night female muggers who frequent Magalluf, ooops I mean Calvia. ????