Son Banya residents fighting the evictions to the end.

06-04-2018Pere Bota

Next week on 17 April, the first evictions from the Son Banya shanty town in Palma are scheduled to be made. Forty-five households are affected, and some of the families still do not accept the evictions. "Over my dead body. I, for one, am going nowhere." This is the view of Manuela Cortés, a spokesperson for the families.

In a final attempt to stave off the evictions and demolition, a private detective was hired. A report has been sent to the police by this detective. It suggests that there is a relationship between someone in the Balearic government and a commercial centre developer and that there is a further family connection to a person at Palma town hall. The families want the police to check if there is a crime and to expose a potential scam.

Cortés insists that there is no justification for the evictions. "After 45 years of being here, the town hall now treats us like squatters. We have our own bus service, our own school," she says. "What's the benefit here?" she asks ironically.

The town hall took the issue of Son Banya to the courts in 2010. Two years later, the town hall secured 45 eviction orders. In the report sent to the police, it is noted that the town hall didn't act on these until four years later, around the time of the opening of a commercial centre. "No one was concerned about us, and now suddenly all this happens." She and the families believe there is more than just coincidence.

Someone else, Manuela Moreno, thinks that the town hall could stop the evictions if it wanted to. "We don't know where to go. There are children and old people here. They aren't giving us any alternative." On the offer of assistance from the town hall, another spokesperson says: "They'll only give us help on the condition that we kiss their arses and go on a two-month course for 200 euros."


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Mark / Hace over 3 years

I usually hold off on commenting because windbags like Mr James just love to come back at you with drivel and unsubstantiated assumptions about things they have no knowledge of. I lost interest in your opinions a long time ago Henry and usually skip over them when trawling through here. My mistake for reading this time.


Henry james / Hace over 3 years

Steve, My comment has everything to do with the story so before you start calling any a "d*******d,look to yourself. These people have grown fat and obese on the sale of drugs for the last 45 years and probably have more money stashed away than most honest people could save in a lifetime. How many deaths do you think these people have caused in the last 45 years.? How many families do you think that they have destroyed.? How much misery do you think that they have caused in 45 years.? How many crimes of all kinds do you think that the victims of these scum have committed to feed their addiction because of these scum.?


Henry james / Hace over 3 years

Mark,first and foremost,if you don't like my comments,which are often in praise of various people,organisations etc,don't read them. And,no,I do not care one bit about families that have been dealing in drugs for 45 years,my sympathies lie with the victims and families of these drug dealing scum,how many deaths do you think they have caused in 45 years.? How many families and lives do you think they have destroyed in 45 years and how much misery do you think they have caused in 45 years.?


Dick / Hace over 3 years

I know the area has a very bad reputation BUT this amounts to social cleansing, its a very bad precedent to support, esp. with Brexit around the corner and all the Brits that live here, what happens if they decide its time to get rid of the Brits next?


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 3 years

Son Banya has not the best reputation and what occurs from the people living there is not very added value to the island ( drugs- robbery-burglary and probably unsocial behavior ) Defending them will only increase there above the law way of thinking and acting the beaten dog. Wouldn't like to own a property even miles away of them. Yes rent them homes they have to PAY (and not with crime money ) and MAINTAIN .


Mark / Hace over 3 years

It seems that Mr James has an unpleasant comment/opinion to air about almost every article in this paper. Can you, just for one second, consider the human aspect to this story? These people could potentially lose their homes - obviously something you couldn't care less about.


Steve / Hace over 3 years

What the hell as that comment got to do with this story what a di...ckhead there’s always one !


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

One thing is for sure from the picture,none of them are under-fed and short on calories.