The lift for the Plaça Major is often vandalised. | Archive

Aina Moilanen, the Palma ombudsman, has suggested to the town hall that it instals security cameras in areas of the city that are most prone to vandalism. The committee which considers suggestions meets on Friday, and a specific one is for cameras for the lift at the Plaça Major. This is often out of service because of vandalism. As a consequence, people with reduced mobility experience problems.

This is not the first time that this suggestion has been made. The ombudsman's office made a similar one in 2008. Ten years on and the issues with the lift continue. Moilanen notes that the infrastructure department at the town hall devotes a great deal of effort in ensuring that the lift works. It spent almost 7,000 euros on fixing things last year, but the vandalism occurs so often that the lift is regularly out of service.

She would also like cameras to be installed at protected sites which are targets for vandals. Es Baluard del Princep is one such. The previous town hall administration had intended installing cameras but in the end did not. The municipal services agency Emaya is thus faced with the problem of removing graffiti from walls of buildings and monuments that have protected status. This requires authorisation from the Council of Majorca's heritage department, meaning that there is a great deal of bureaucracy and delay.

Moilanen stresses that any new cameras should be installed in strict accordance with data protection and privacy laws. However, she believes they are necessary in order to ensure the rights of people with reduced mobility and to ensure the city's heritage.