The 35-year-old British bouncer and 37-year-old Spaniard, who were arrested in connection with the death of Northern Irish holidaymaker Aaron Henderson in Magalluf, have both refused to make statements to the police and will appear in court in Palma this morning.

Briton Paul L.W. from Middlesbrough stands accused of fatal aggression while the Spanish is facing charges of retaining important information.

Investigators have managed to ascertain that the victim had an argument with a member of the bar staff in Mulligans pub on the calle Punta Ballena, where both the accused work. After the brief and non-violent exchange of words, Mr Henderson left the pub.

It would appear that Paul L.W. followed him and allegedly punched Mr Henderson, who suffered a severe blow to the back of his head after falling to the floor.

Paul L.W. was the first to be detained by the Guardia Civil. His colleague was then arrested after apparently lying to the Guardia Civil when questioned.

In the meantime, Mr Henderson's family are still waiting for the body to be repatriated to Northern Ireland.