Residents of Muro and anti-bullfighting protesters have frequently exchanged words.

20-06-2010M. Serra

The Sant Joan fiestas in Muro have long been the context for the bullfight. More than any other municipality in Majorca, Muro is supportive of bullfighting. Some years ago, the town hall made a declaration to that effect.

With the fiestas less than a month away, no bullfighting promoter has stepped forward and sought permission to stage the traditional event at the Monumental, the bullring that the town hall acquired in 2010. Mayor Martí Fornés confirms that there has been no approach. This isn't surprising. The Balearics "bulls law" hasn't banned bullfighting as such, but it has made the staging of bullfights nigh on impossible because of various provisions and requirements in the legislation. One of these measures is that bulls cannot be killed.

It is said that support for bullfighting has dwindled, even in what is one of the last remaining bastions. Protests have occurred regularly, but they have never been well attended. Residents in favour have shown their contempt for the animal-rights lobbies. The small numbers of protesters may, however, have had something to do with pressure not to display public opposition. Social, employment and business factors have dissuaded this.

Now, however, there is no need for protest. The Sant Joan bullfight is not happening, and it is probably no more.


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Celia / Hace over 3 years

I love Mallorca with a passion but find their attitude towards animals is backward and barbaric . They are not a nation of animal lovers, they do little to combat the surge in the ferral cat situation on the island and generally only have dogs as protection not as pets. I know I am generalizing but any nation who advocates a barbaric sport such as bull fighting needs to address it's lack of compassion issues.


Will / Hace over 3 years

There is no place for animal cruelty in a civilised society. We all need to thank the anti bullfighting protesters for playing their part and highlighting such issues. Let’s hope it’s gone for good.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

I fully agree James.


James / Hace over 3 years

Henry, I just “up-voted” your comment. However, I would gladly pay good money to see a fight between a Matador with NO “assistants”, and one, UNINJURED/UNALTERED, sharp-horned, thoroughly pissed off bull. They don’t have the balls to put on THAT fight. And never will.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Anyone who enjoys and gets pleasure from watching animals being slowly and painfully killed just for their pleasure really does need to take a long,hard look at themselves.