People in Magalluf have had enough of the "passivity" shown towards the so-called prostitutes.


Some eighty people staged a protest outside Calvia town hall on Thursday and demanded that action be taken against the so-called prostitutes who operate in Magalluf.

Represented among the protesters were taxi drivers, businesses (both Spanish and foreign), workers and residents. They all expressed their indignation at the lack of police and the passivity shown by the administrations, a general term which can include the town hall, the national government delegation and the Guardia Civil (or National Police).

They called on the town hall to press for more police and for measures to be taken against the women. One of the protesters observed: "These women aren't engaged in prostitution. They are robbers. They are particularly violent and dangerous."

The protesters said that they understand that the women are controlled by mafias, but added that they have been left with no other choice than to take their own action against the women because of their violence and their negative impact on tourism.

It had been hoped that they might have been able to meet the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez. He was apparently otherwise engaged, but the protesters were able to leave with a promise from the town hall that there will be a meeting next week. The town hall wants a group of eight representatives with whom it can talk.


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S. / Hace over 3 years

There was a double page Article, and photo showing the Guardia arresting the women prostitutes and muggers, in yesterdays SATURDAY (9/6) SUN Newspaper in the UK. The Article and report , may warn Tourists considering a visit to Magaluf.


Steve, Palma Nova / Hace over 3 years

Jon. That's exactly what I mean. Changing the name of Magaluf won't fix anything, it'll still be a no-go area. Better to concentrate on fixing the root of the problem rather than just changing it's hat.


Jon / Hace over 3 years

Don’t you mean calvia beach resort.


Steve, Palma Nova / Hace over 3 years

Any chance we can have Magaluf spelled right one day, - it's spelt as it's pronounced. Palma Nova is also two separate words, and has been since it was invented in 1953 and changed from Son Caliu. Hate to be pedantic, but why does everybody want to change things...


John Taylor / Hace over 3 years

I almost got the treatment two years ago in magalluf 1am. Pretty young girl approached from the front, but I had heard about it so looked around and saw a load of big women encircling me. I had chance to slip away very quickly to a group of people nearby. They saw what was happening and made me safe. I am a 60 year old, away on my own. These people are destroying the safety I have always felt. Last year I stayed in my room most nights, loss of revenue to everyone, my holiday locked away, this year...... I am already thinking of walking around with my pockets inside out. SAD!!!!!!!!! 36 years I have visited Palmanova with my wife feeling totally safe, now I feel vulnerable there, my holiday destroyed by people supposedly coming to Mallorca for a better life. This has to stop. Looks at Acapulco Palma!


Voice of the people / Hace over 3 years

The town hall wants a group of eight representatives with whom it can talk. Not that old chestnut . I think it is called divide and conquer .


Mark / Hace over 3 years

Theres no government tax to be earned picking up prostitutes... just a cost!! Nothing will change


Frank / Hace over 3 years

Best of luck with that.....