There was a screen for Real Mallorca's play-off match.

Angelica Pastor, Palma's public safety councillor, says that she doesn't want "to get lumbered" with organising a giant outdoor screen for watching Spain's matches during the World Cup.

The Partido Popular opposition have proposed that a screen be installed for matches from the second round onwards. One was put up in Plaça Joan Carles I for the Real Mallorca play-off in late May. The cost of doing so was 4,900 euros.

Josep Lluís Bauzá of Ciudadanos has previously expressed his concern about having a screen. His anxiety is about the possibility of there being two sets of fans in the same place, and he's thinking in particular of German or England fans, if Spain were to be drawn against either Germany or England.

Pastor suggested at the meeting where this was brought up that if there is to be a screen, it should be somewhere that isn't by a public thoroughfare where traffic can be affected.

The ruling administration hasn't closed the door completely on there being a screen at some point. But if there is, it wouldn't be until the semi-finals, assuming that Spain get that far. The issue is due to be discussed again at next week's full council meeting.