Portixol and El Molinar were open to the public yesterday. | miquel a. cañellas

The prosecution service is investigating the wastewater spills in Palma Bay. Some three weeks ago, there was a call for the prosecution service to look into responsibilities for the spills of faecal water that has been inadequately treated. This came from a lawyer, Santiago Fiol, who presented a denunciation on the grounds of possible offences against the environment and public health.

As it turns out, the prosecution service was already conducting inquiries in seeking to establish if an offence has been committed by a public authority. These started several weeks ago. The evidence being considered indicates that spills occur in a "systematic" fashion every time there is heavy rain.

The principal problem is the lack of capacity at treatment plants. This causes inadequately treated water to escape and to end up flowing into the sea. Because of storms in August, the Can Pere Antoni and Ciutat Jardi beaches had to be red-flagged on various occasions. The same happened because of the heavy rain that fell on Monday night; the beaches have now reopened.

Various reports are being assessed by the prosecution service. It will decide over the next few weeks if there are sufficient grounds to raise a prosecution or whether the matter should be closed and archived, meaning that no individuals or authorities will have been considered to be liable.