Palma's public safety councillor Angelica Pastor has asked for the public's help in assisting the police in finding the pyromaniac who is setting fire to rubbish containers.

The city's police force and the National Police have formed a special team to deal with the spate of fire-starting incidents. Pastor believes that the pyromaniac is someone who knows the city well and she has restated the police explanation that locations are chosen because there are no security cameras, don't have bars and are easy to access and leave.

Since December last year, 256 containers have been set alight at a cost of over a quarter of a million euros. In the early hours of Friday morning, four more containers were set on fire. These were on the calle Ramón y Cajal. A tree was also set ablaze.

There is, as yet, no further news about a person who was arrested on Tuesday morning in the vicinity of a blaze. He told police that he had been trying to phone the emergency services.