The old Binifaldó water bottling plant in Escorca is to be mostly pulled down. The plant has fallen into a state of disrepair, it having closed in 2008 when the company that had the concession to run it went bankrupt. Originally built in the 1950s, the buildings will now be dismantled, leaving just one made from stone.

The environment ministry's Ibanat agency will supervise the work. The stone building, the oldest, housed the first bottling machinery. It occupies some 200 square metres. Otherwise, some 2,500 metres of plant will come down. As well as machinery, the other buildings were for storage and the cisterns.

Carles Cardona from Ibanat says that the environment ministry hasn't yet decided what to do with the site. It could become a refuge for walkers, "but it's still not clear". The work is being funded with tourist tax revenue. The 504,000 euros will also be used for planting new oak trees and other native vegetation and for recovering the forest area that the plant occupied.