The Balearic government yesterday unveiled its plans for the next 15 years of the nautical industry and the headline announcement was the fact that no more marinas are going to be permitted.

In short, what the government wants to do is maximize the current potential and facilities that the region already posses and in some areas, repair work, refits and maintenance, it is one of the leading destinations in the world.

What the government wants to do is for once, install some order in the industry which it appreciates and values as vital for the economy and the creation of jobs.

For example, the plan includes measures to increase the network and dry marinas and access ramps to marina hard areas while also making the most of “empty” land in existing marinas to create more moorings, these are a few of the key initiatives of the new General Port Plan.

The Minister for Land, Energy and Transport, Marc Pons, made it clear yesterday that the government is by no means trying to curtail the nautical sector.

He underlines the fact that two technical schools are being set up in Palma and Alcudia to help local residents professionally train to work in the highly lucrative and expanding marine industry.

Over the next 15 years, the government is going to invest 10 million euros per year into upgrading, improving and expanding the nautical industry and has been working with representatives from the nautical industry in drawing up the plan to secure better management and cooperation.

“We don’t agree that the answer is more marinas, we believe that we should be making the utmost of the excellent facilities we already have.”