Palma is going to increase the number of “obstacles” in the city centre as part of the Christmas security operation.

More concrete blockades, giant plants pots etc. are going to strategically be placed in public places, especially on the days and nights of key events, such as New Year’s Eve, Three Kings and the San Sebastian festival - not to mention key shopping streets and around the Christmas markets to protect the general public.

According to police sources the reason for the increase is the success of last year’s festive security operation.

Some 40 special “obstacles” are going to placed in and around the city centre and there will be a much more evident presence of members of the National and Local Police on the beat over the festive season.

The city council and security chiefs have revised their operation for this year and, on the back of last Christmas’s efforts, the authorities have agreed that it should be repeated bearing in mind the host of events which are going to be held in public places plus the influx of holidaymakers for the festivities.

Police sources have been quick to stress that there is no threat posed to Palma, but in accordance which police forces in other Spanish cities, precautionary measures are being taken.