Bel Busquets rejected opposition claims of Brexit catastrophe. | @VicepresidencIB

Balearic vice-president and tourism minister Bel Busquets told parliament yesterday that the government is prepared for Brexit. She was responding to the Partido Popular's Miquel Àngel Jerez, who referred to the negative consequences of Brexit. There will be a decrease in the number of British tourists, he maintained, and the fall in the value of the pound will be a reason.

Busquets insisted that the government is "not worried" about Brexit and that it is working to mitigate its impact. The tourism ministry, she said, has been holding "numerous meetings" with travel agencies, tour operators and the British consulate. These have been in order to analyse the situation and to improve air connectivity.

The situation, she admitted, was "difficult" but will not be "as catastrophic" as the PP are suggesting. Jerez replied by observing that while there may be many meetings, there are no measures. He failed to see why the government was unconcerned about what "is not a minor matter". He added that there was a drop in British tourism in July this year, believing that fewer British tourists will make Majorca "less competitive".