Police operation against illegal immigration. | Policia Nacional

Four people have been arrested in Palma by the National Police and accused of having facilitated illegal immigration and of worker exploitation. Three of the four are Pakistan citizens, one of whom is settled in Majorca; the fourth is a Spanish businessperson based in Majorca.

Middle-aged Pakistani men were being brought to Majorca with the offer of good work. Instead they were working up to sixteen hours a day on miserly wages. These were no more than ten per cent of what they had been promised. They had to endure poor safety and hygiene conditions and were threatened with violence if they reported their situation to the police.

Documents were falsified, and these included obtaining an NIE using a passport that had been stolen from a British citizen. The police operation, dubbed Tarik, resulted in raids on various addresses. Documentation related to fictitious companies and false social security registrations was seized.