Demons correfoc for Sant Antoni in Sa Pobla.

12-01-2014Nuria Rincon

Monday, 7 January
Sa Pobla, Sant Antoni. 18.30: Procession of the Novenari de Sant Antoni. C. Escola to the church. 19.15: Start of the Novena de Sant Antoni. At the church. 19.30: Meeting of the Prohemenia. Election of the Clamater for the Sant Antoni compline service. Followed by Ximbomba party in Placeta Església. Barbecue, rum, glosadors.

Palma. 21.00: Tribute to Mecano - Spanish pop group. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 42 euros.

Port Adriano. 12.00-20.00: Ice rink and slide. (Final day.)

Tuesday, 8 January
Campos, Sant Julià. 20.30: Sant Julià (Saint Julian) bonfire with Esquitxafoc and Terra Roja batucada and folk dance groups Brot de Taperera and Pinyol Vermell. Three euros for the barbecue (tickets to be bought from the town hall on Monday morning). Plaça Can Pere Ignasi.

Manacor, Sant Antoni. 20.30: First dance of the demons. Barbecue. Plaça Ramon Llull.

Wednesday, 9 January
Campos, Sant Julià. 21.00: Dances of the Cossiers, following mass.

Manacor, Sant Antoni. 20.30: Mass and then rehearsal for the "goigs" (songs for Sant Antoni). Mare de Déu dels Dolors Church.

Palma. 21.00: Abba Tribute. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 42 euros.

Thursday, 10 January
Alaro, Sant Antoni. 17.30: Procession with Sant Antoni and the Alaro donkey. Bonfires and barbecue for children. Plaça Vila.

Friday, 11 January
Manacor, Sant Antoni. 21.00: Rehearsal for the "goigs" plus ximbombas, wine and barbecue. Plaça Concordia.

Sa Pobla, Sant Antoni. 19.00: Albopas Children's School of Batucada. Plaça Major. 20.00: Children's Nit Bruixa, with mini-correfoc. Plaça Major. 21.00: Welcome to the Clamater. Procession, ximbombas. By the town hall.

Alcudia. 20.30: Representation of "Adoració dels Reis d'Orient" with Alcudia town hall councillors. Auditorium, Plaça Porta Mallorca. Ten euros (for charity).

Saturday, 12 January
Arenal, Sant Antoni. 20.00: Pipers procession. 22.30: Children's correfoc. From C. Sant Bartomeu.

Banyalbufar, Sant Antoni. 17.30: Mass. 18.00: Animal blessings. 18.30: Bonfire, barbecue, wine. Plaça Vila.

Calas de Mallorca, Sant Antoni. 20.30: Demons gathering.

Esporles, Sant Antoni. 20.30: Sant Antoni bonfire and barbecue. Vila Nova car park.

Maria de la Salut, Sant Antoni. 20.30: Barbecue and glosadors. Plaça des Pou.

Llucmajor, Sant Antoni. 18.00: Town hall demons and Sa Marina pipers. Plaça Espanya. 20.00: Lighting of bonfires. Plaça Santa Catalina Thomàs and Placeta de Sa Raval. 22.00: Children's correfoc and batucada. From Plaça Santa Catalina Thomàs.

Palma, Sant Sebastià. 11.30: Dance of giants and bigheads. Plaça Cort. 12.00: Pregón address for the fiestas. 12.20: Giants, bigheads, Drac de na Coca (dragon) and batucada procession from the town hall to Plaça Major. 13.00: Dance of bigheads. 13.30: Return journey for the procession to Plaça Cort. 20.00: Palma 40 Pop 2019 - Various acts. Plaça Espanya.

Pollensa, Sant Antoni. 20.00: Junior correfoc, young demons of Ca de Bou. Joan March Gardens, followed at 20.30 by barbecue. 22.30: CORREFOC - Dimonis Ca de Bou (and others). Joan March Gardens.

Porto Cristo, Sant Antoni. 18.00: The Porto Cristo donkey - Na Tonina. Rehearsal of goigs for Sant Antoni. Plaça Església.

Sa Pobla, Sant Antoni. 11.00: Procession by children's caparrots (bigheads) workshop, accompanied by the pipers Els Xirois. From Can Planes, C. Rosari to Plaça Major. 20.15: Concert by the Sa Pobla Choir. At the church. 24.00: "Entrefosc" - CORREFOC with Dimonis i Tamborers d'Albopas de Sa Pobla and Dimonis de Campanet Escarrufaverros. Plaça Major.

Sant Llorenç, Sant Antoni. 19.00: Sant Antoni fair. Plaça Església. 20.00: Rehearsal for the goigs. 20.30: Barbecue and ximbombas. Plaça Església.

Son Servera, Sant Antoni. 17.00: Sant Antoni fair - artisan stalls, sale of Sant Antoni t-shirts. Plaça Sant Joan. 20.00: Mass. 20.45: First dance of the demon. Plaça Sant Joan. 21.00: Barbecue and folk music from BOC. Plaça Sant Joan. 23.00: CORREFOC - Dimonis de Sa Factoria. Plaça Sant Joan.

. 21.00: Montse Germán (voice), Ferran Pisà (instruments). "El Verger de l'Amat" with texts by Ramon Llull. Sant Bonaventura Cloister. Pay as you wish.

Santa Maria del Camí. 19.00: The musical "Hollywood" by the Associació Amics del Ball (Friends of the Dance). Ses Cases des Mestres, C. Jaume I. Six euros. (Also Sunday, same time.)

Sunday, 13 January
Llucmajor, Sant Antoni. 18.00: Folk dance with Xaloc Música. Plaça Espanya.

Palma, Sant Sebastià. 10.30-14.30: Sant Sebastià Petit - for children and families. Giants, bigheads, storytelling, procession of siurells, circus acts. 12.00: Dance by Folklorica Revetla de Sant Antoni. 13.15 and 14.30: More folk dance. Parc de la Riera.

Pollensa, Sant Antoni. 18.30: Folk dance with the Pollensa school of dance. Sant Domingo Convent Church.

Son Carrió, Sant Antoni. 16.00: Demons leave Ca n'Apollonia, dance and accompaniment by the pipers Puig de Sa Font. 18.00: Demons gathering and bonfire. Plaça Ca n'Apollonia.

Son Servera, Sant Antoni. 09.30: Sant Antoni fair - artisan stalls, sale of Sant Antoni t-shirts. Plaça Sant Joan. 12.30: Rehearsal for the Compline service for Sant Antoni, with the band of music. Plaça Sant Joan. 20.00: Glosadors, pipers, whistlers. Teatre La Unió.