Lorries arrive at the Port of Dover during a trial of how road will cope in case of a "no-deal" Brexit.

09-01-2019Peter Nicholls

A number of major British companies which are either based in the Balearics or operate in and out of the region, such as haulage and removal companies admitted yesterday that they are concerned about the outcome of Brexit.

Bill Webb, who has run Webbs International Removals since 1985, told the Bulletin that Brexit is obvioulsy a “big concern”.

But he went to explain that it not so much about the possible implications and complications which could comes as result of a deal or no-deal, it is the uncertainty about what is going to happen.

“We, as a professional company, have been preparing for the past 18 months to a year. For example, if customs and clearance at docks to get in and out of the UK is going to take much longer, then for us it will be a throw back to pre Maastricht and it will mean that our weekly service, which we have never failed to honour for 15 years, will take longer so we will have to put two drivers in each truck because drivers will be forced to drive more than their permitted hours.

“What it will mean however, is that the smaller outfits operating vans back and forth to the UK will either have to invest in complying with the new rules and regulations or face going under. It will separate the professionals from the rest,” Bill Webb said. However, Bill claims that Brexit will be postponed for a year and that business will continue as usual. “Last year was our busiest, mainly with Britons moving home, but this year, things have changed. We’re full booked in both directions for the next three weeks, for example, and this is normally a quiet time of year. The mid to top of the property market is till moving, Britons are still buying, may be in a rush to beat Brexit, Who knows, no one does. But we’re ready.”