Electric scooters don't at present have permission in Palma. | Efe

Palma police are to be instructed to withdraw electric scooters without a licence. Transport councillor Joan Ferrer and Mayor Noguera have clarified that the police will not just take action against scooters which cause an inconvenience by the way in which they are parked on streets but also against any that are found to be being used without a licence.

Although the town hall is in favour of alternative methods of mobility, Noguera stresses the fact that it cannot allow activities which are not permitted. He adds that a new decree is to be issued that will improve the regulation of scooters - those which are privately owned and those for hire.

This regulation could mean that scooters are parked like bikes, i.e. with racks, and that there will be a review of areas of the city where scooters can be used freely. The town hall accepts, however, that any new regulation is unlikely to be adopted before the May election.

Representatives of the two companies which are currently operating electric scooters without authorisation say that the town hall has made no approach to them and proposed a meeting. They want to be able to "unblock" the situation.