Actúa are demanding that the town hall takes action against horse carriages. | Archive

Guillermo Amengual, spokesperson for the Actúa party in Palma, is to contact the Ombudsman and denounce the town hall's passivity and failures to update ordinance as it applies to horse-drawn carriages. He says that agreements reached at council meetings have not been complied with after four years of waiting.

Amengual draws attention to outdated bylaw provision regarding carriage stops where horses are exposed to weather conditions. He also highlights the case of the stop on the calle Conqueridor, where there is an incline. It has been the subject of veterinarian reports but nothing has been done about it.

As well as the approach to the Ombudsman, Amengual suggests that legal action may be taken against the town hall if it doesn't cease to show favour to carriage operators, who are behind the "paralysation" of a change in the bylaw. Amengual accuses the operators of consistent contravention of regulations, such as those for animal welfare, and the town hall of doing "absolutely nothing".