Fulgencio Coll (centre) with retailers in Palma. | Vox Baleares

Invited by the Afedeco smaller retailers association, Vox candidate for mayor of Palma, Fulgencio Coll, visited shops yesterday and vowed to put an end to illegal selling, graffiti and uncleanliness.

Illegal selling was an issue raised by many retailers. Coll said that it is a matter of prime importance and that Vox is the only party which recognises, without any embarrassment, that there is an illegal immigration which harms businesses greatly through the sale of fake products. A mayor, he added, needs to see the problems on the streets and so deal with pickpockets and increase police presence.

Coll stated that he would increase the number of parking spaces and regulate the flow of cruise ship passengers so that they do not saturate the city. Passengers, he observed, need to be guided in an "intelligent" manner so that they buy from local shops. "These are among plans that figure in the Vox manifesto. They attend to the needs of small businesses."

He expressed his preoccupation with the increase in graffiti and gave an assurance that measures will be adopted to stop it. Graffiti, he noted, "is an aggression against businesses and residents, it creates a bad image for the city and is a cost to local authorities and the public".