Theresa May has announced that she will quit if her twice-defeated EU divorce deal passes at the third attempt, making a last-ditch attempt to persuade rebels in the Conservative party to back her.

May's announcement is the latest turn in the UK's three-year Brexit crisis, but it is still remains uncertain how, when or even if the UK will leave the European Union.

Conservative rebels who want a cleaner break from the EU than May's deal would deliver had made it clear that they would only consider supporting her agreement if she gave a firm commitment and date for her resignation.

May had already promised to step down before the next election, due in 2022. By agreeing to go sooner, she increases the chances of her EU deal passing before the new 12 April deadline. The government is now expected to bring the deal back to parliament for a third vote on Friday, though speaker John Bercow is still warning that the meaningful vote has to significantly different.

The prime minister made her announcement to the 1922 committee of Tory backbenchers. Some forty members of the ERG European Research Group are said to now back the deal, including Boris Johnson, but the chances of parliament voting for the deal are still very much in the balance.