Gabriel Escarrer of Meliá at a Sol Katmandu presentation in 2014. | Pere Bota

The Exceltur alliance for tourism excellence is calling for a renewal plan for mature tourist resorts. The organisation wants this plan to be implemented in the short term in order to give added value to resorts and attract a higher-spending visitor. The resorts in question are in the Balearics and the Canaries and on the Costa Brava and Costa del Sol.

Exceltur's vice-president, José Luis Zoreda, stresses that sun and beach tourism is not about to go out of fashion but that the resorts need attention in order to enrich visitors' experiences. With tourism slowing down and competitors having recovered, action in mature resorts is fundamental to Spain maintaining its tourism leadership.

As well as the creation of these new experiences, Zoreda emphasises the value to be gained from highlighting security, health and general infrastructure; all considered to be competitive advantages for Spain. He is drawing attention to specific initiatives that have led to resort transformation. One of these is Magalluf, where Meliá have led the way in investing some 250 million euros that have resulted in hotels having been able to increase prices significantly.

Recognising that public resources are limited, the Exceltur proposal for the renewal plan centres on incentives and credit for private-sector investment, so that it becomes the principal means of driving transformation. In order to achieve this plan, he argues that everyone has to move "in the same direction", and he includes various ministries and departments - public administration, development, tourism and ecological transition.