A meeting of the committee which decides spending of tourist tax revenue.

18-10-2018Govern balear

Aetib, the Balearic agency for tourism strategy, yesterday published the results of its latest two-yearly survey of residents views of tourism.

At the end of last year, the agency started getting responses to questionnaires. There were 1,950 in all. The survey shows that 68.6% of residents are in agreement or very much in agreement with the tourist tax.

There is a higher percentage of agreement in Ibiza (73.5%) than the other islands. In Majorca it is 67.8%, the lowest level of agreement. Minorca and Formentera rated 69.2% and 69.1% respectively. The support for the tourist tax has risen. The previous survey gave an overall agreement score of 64.6%.

On holiday rentals, 48.9% of respondents were in agreement or very much in agreement with private homes being rented out. By contrast, 40.1% disagreed or were very much in disagreement.

In general terms, 71.4% were satisfied or very satisfied with tourism in the Balearics. This satisfaction level varies according to season. It is at its highest in spring (81.1%), followed by autumn (79.5%) and only 60.3% in summer.

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