Maria Jose Aguiló (top right) at a meeting with the government in January 2018.

17-01-2018Juan Luis Ruiz Collado

Maria José Aguiló, the executive vice-president of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation, yesterday called on the new government to get consensus about the tourist tax and give the tax a "clear purpose". "Over the past four years this hasn't existed, either in terms of management or execution. This needs to change."

Aguiló also requested that the government has someone in charge of tourism who knows the subject "thoroughly" and can engage in dialogue. She didn't offer any names as to who this minister might be. "It's not up to us to do so."

The hoteliers' vice-president noted that the federation had congratulated PSOE on winning the election. She added that the federation had presented proposals to all political parties prior to the elections and had "at no time made a political pronouncement".

Aguiló was speaking at the presentation of a guide for corporate social responsibility best practice. The guide has been promoted by the Council of Majorca, which provided 25,000 euros for its compilation and publication.

It has a series of recommendations for hotel management, staff and guests in making commitments to environmental sustainability. As such, it covers issues such as the use of water, renewable energy and the reduction of emissions.