High demand for parking near Formentor beach. | C.Viera

Saturday saw the introduction of the restriction of vehicles on the road between Formentor beach and the lighthouse. Some drivers were either unaware of the restriction or ignored it as they were on the road after ten o'clock, which is when the restriction starts. Vehicles went to the lighthouse, and when some twenty or so were returning, they were confronted by the shuttle bus from Puerto Pollensa. There was some resultant difficulty in manoeuvring on the tight and twisting bends.

On Saturday, a Council of Majorca vehicle was used to check on what was happening and a Guardia Civil patrol made a brief appearance from around ten o'clock. On Sunday, the employee who is there to inform drivers was the only presence. Fewer fines than on Saturday were raised; the camera and video system near the beach records unauthorised access.

Traffic going to Formentor was filling the car park and the beach zone. An area not adapted to parking was also being used, personnel having been advised to allow this.

Workers at the lighthouse cafe, who are authorised to use the cafe, say that they welcome the restriction. Takings may be down, but they are able to offer a better quality of service because of the reduced numbers.