Graffiti on a wall.

Stickers claiming that “tourism kills the city” have started to pop up around the old part of Palma again. On Monday, the facade of one of the capital’s many high-class boutique hotels in Sant Jaume had “hotels out of the neighbourhood” sprayed on it and the name of the hotel painted over.

According to staff of the targeted hotel, the car belonging to one of the senior employees was also vandalised.

Unfortunately, the hotel does not have CCTV cameras recording activities outside in the street, where a number of the stickers were also posted. The police are still investigating a wave of similar incidents dating back to last summer.

The president of the Palma Hotel Association, Ashpalma, Javier Vich, said yesterday that last summer ten city centre hotels were targeted in just one night with “xenophobic” graffiti. These were all reported and are now in the hands of the police and the judiciary. Ashpalma sources said they are deeply concerned the impact this could have on tourism.