Officers from the Guardia Civil with one of those detained. | Michel's


It was perhaps no coincidence that the acting national government delegate had been in Magalluf on Thursday night to meet officers from the Guardia Civil. On Friday, the Guardia detained at least twelve people in drugs swoops.

The first action was in the morning. Fifteen officers with dogs went to the Calle Notari Alemany and arrested two people. There were searches of a van and a bar, suspected of being a sales point for marijuana. Other drugs were seized as well as marijuana. Boxes with documents and various items were taken away.

In the afternoon, shortly after one o'clock, various streets were closed off. The target for the Guardia Civil was an African gang said to control part of the drugs trade along the Calle Punta Ballena and the surrounding area. Searches of a number of apartments and establishments were carried out.