Cala Deya

Cala Deya has joined the smoking ban.


Three more beaches in Majorca have become part of the no-smoking beaches network, a voluntary initiative for which town halls can take the decision if they wish to.

The latest three are Cala Deya, Colonia Sant Pere in Arta and the Sant Llorenç part of Cala Millor beach.

These have now been added to Cala Estancia in Palma, Cala Anguila in Manacor and Cala Sant Joan in Alcudia.

One beach in Minorca, Binissafúller (Sant Lluís), has also been added to the network.

The initiative is a joint exercise between the health and environment ministries. It is one that has been launched for obvious reasons - encouraging healthy lifestyles, not annoying non-smoking beachgoers and preventing waste.

The environment ministry has been stressing the negative impact of cigarette ends deposited on beaches.

They take up to ten years to decompose and contain various toxins, such as arsenic and mercury.

Balearic legislation for combating waste calls on town halls to introduce bylaws to prevent and minimise waste on the coasts, and this include cigarette ends.


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Stan / Hace over 2 years

Smoking anywhere is abhorrent. Cancer and several death causing diseases are present in the smoke that billows from the fools that smoke cigarettes, and more recently the "Blow Pipes." There needs to be an area on each Beach , designated for smoking. Disposable bins placed in those areas. A Policia Beach Patrol to charge 100 Euro fines( Multas) on any person smoking outside the designated areas. The Cancer from the smoke is passed on to anyone in the vicinity ,through passive smoke.


GeorgieP / Hace over 2 years

Great idea as I have moved position on a beach at times because of people lighting up nearby. BUT who is going to enforce this? Telling other beach goers to put their fags out and stop treating the beach as an ashtray will only cause a ruckus and spoil everyone's day.