Hotels in the Balearic Islands had an occupancy rate of 87.1% in July. | T. Ayuga


July hotel occupancy in the Balearics was 87.1%, the highest in the country and well above the national average of 74%.

The latest occupancy figures from the National Statistics Institute indicate that the Canaries, with 77.7%, was second behind the Balearics and that Valencia and Catalonia were third and fourth with 74.2% and 74% respectively.

The Balearics accounted for 34.7% of all hotel overnight stays in July, followed by Catalonia on 21.5%.

Overnight stays by foreign tourists in the Balearics fell by 1.6%. Majorca had the highest number of overnight stays - 7.9 million - with Calvia ranking alongside Barcelona and Madrid in terms of the most in the country. Santa Margalida, which basically means Can Picafort, had the highest occupancy rate per hotel place, one of 92.4%. Palma had the highest weekend occupancy rate, 90.8%.

As for hotel prices, these rose 1.78% in the Balearics in July. The national average was 1.13%.

The hotel occupancy rate in the Balearics represented a decrease of more than two per cent compared with July 2018, when it was 89.5%.