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Regional transport minister Marc Pons is scheduled to meet the national secretary of state for transport, Pedro Saura, in order to "put an end to the controversy" regarding the residents flight discount. This controversy stems from last week's statements by the national minister of development, José Luis Ábalos, regarding linking incomes to the use of the 75% discount.

Pons told parliament on Tuesday that he will meet Saura at the start of next month. He stated that the discount "is a right" and that "insularity" is a disadvantage for everyone in the Balearics. The discount "has nothing to do with the level of income".

Responding to a question from the Partido Popular's Sebastià Sagreras, Pons observed that what should be being investigated is the increase in airlines' fares since the discount was increased. Sagreras wanted some clarification of the intentions of the Spanish government and asked President Armengol to not allow there to be implications that residents in the Balearics are "swindlers".