Public safety councillor, Joana Maria Adrover

Joana Maria Adrover appeared yesterday accompanied by the head of the Local Police, Josep Palouzié.


The case of the auction of abandoned cars by Palma town hall has become increasingly heated. The town hall is to take legal action against scrapyard owners for defamation, these owners - via their lawyer - having accused the town hall of selling off "stolen vehicles" and others which were under embargoes or had been impounded.

The public safety councillor, Joana Maria Adrover, suspects that they have acted out of bad faith. She cannot comprehend "the tone or the type of denunciation they are setting out, or the slanders in order to try and damage the reputation of the local police and the town hall".

Mayor José Hila responded to the media reports about the stolen vehicles by saying that he couldn't understand the "overreaction". The town hall, he explains, "carries out many dealings every day and sometimes there are mistakes, but if a company is not in agreement, there is a very simple means for saying so, and that is to present an appeal".

The scrapyard owners, who paid 38,000 euros for a lot of cars at the auction, have produced evidence regarding 72 vehicles for which traffic directorate records indicate that there are the different legal proceedings.

Yesterday, their lawyer handed in a dossier to the office of the prosecutor for the environment. He also went to the National Police headquarters and filed a denunciation in respect of price alteration at a public auction, abuse of public office and incitement to offences against the environment. Referring to the town hall's legal action, he said that one in three of the vehicles from the lot have "negative incidents" applied to them. "It is not, therefore, a simple human error."


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