The arrivals halls at all three Balearic airports will be modified. | R.I.


Regardless of the outcome of Brexit, the airports authority Aena and the customs service are to modify arrivals so that there is a single hall. The regional head of the customs service, Miguel Morey, said yesterday that the three current exits at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport will become one. The same will apply at the airports in Ibiza and Minorca.

The announcement of this was made at a Chamber of Commerce conference at which it was stressed that the measure is one of a series of Brexit contingencies being adopted by the Spanish government to avoid problems when the UK leaves the EU, be this at the end of this month or later.

There are naturally concerns in various sectors, not least tourism, but the message of the conference was that short-term arrangements between the UK and the EU will prevent problems whatever type of Brexit finally emerges. There was recognition, nevertheless, that sectors such as transport will be directly affected and could face disruption.

Movement of labour will be restricted because of the changed status of the UK, and one sector that will need to adapt to the new situation will be nautical, which in recent years has experienced considerable growth in terms of the volume of business and the number of jobs.