One of the Christmas trees in the plaza del Aljub, Porto Cristo, Majorca. | M. NADAL


Politicians and locals are complaining about the lack of Christmas lights in Porto Cristo, s'Illot and Son Macià.

The Governor of the Ajuntament de Manacor Antònia Llodrà and Mayor Antoni Sureda have both voiced their disappointment.

"There is almost no Christmas lighting in Porto Cristo; only two Christmas trees have been installed, one light in front of the church, two stars on the Paseo de la Sirena, four balls in the lanterns of Calle Sant Jordi, three of which don’t work, and six lights on Calle del Port and two of them are off as well,” complained Governor Llodrà.

The Coastal Area Delegate, Sebastià Nadal admitted that the lack of Christmas Lights was his fault.

“I forgot about the lights of Porto Cristo because I thought that the person in charge of Comerç would be taking care of them,” he said, adding, "the problem with the lights of the coastal core is that they cannot be connected directly to the street lamps."

Son Macià Mayor, Miquel Oliver has promised to fix the situation, saying ”the town will have more Christmas lights than it has ever had, but there will be a bit of a delay."