The government tried to ban diesel vehicles

The decline in sales in the Balearics is a reflection of regional government policy and of legislation intended to prohibit new diesel vehicles from 2025.

03-01-2020T. Ayuga

The number of new diesel cars sold in the Balearic Islands last year plummeted by more than 50% compared to 2018, from 6,628 to just 3,281 according to the latest data published by the employers of the Anfac, Faconauto and Ganvam sector, who believe that the uncertainty surrounding the future of diesel has influenced sales.

The Balearic Islands passed a law banning diesel cars from 2025, but was forced to do a u-turn at the end of last year because only the Central Government has the power to introduce that legislation.

The President of the Balearic Dealers Association, Andrés Vidal claims that “uncertainty generated amongst consumers has affected diesel cars sales much more in 2019 than the year before".

"Consumers are far from betting on greener technologies and instead of buying diesel vehicles they buy one that use gasoline, which emits even more carbon dioxide, or CO2 emissions," said Vidal. He claimed that “CO2 emissions have increased by 1.8% in Spain due to the increase in sales of gasoline cars, so going against diesel is contradictory to what is sought, which is to reduce emissions from polluting particles.”

As for global sales figures, last year 29,999 cars were registered in the Balearic Islands, 13.38% less than in 2018 which is one of the biggest declines in Spain.


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Stan / Hace over 2 years

Andres Vidal 's statement in this Article is totally contrary to the advices given by the Authorities and Governments of the World. The very serious warnings concerning Diesel powered Vehicles must be respected by everyone that owns or intends to own a Motor Vehicle. The future for Car ownership will be Electric or Hybrid petrol. Providing the costs of these new types of Cars can be afforded. Buses need to be Electric and operated in greater frequency and areas of the Island , for those unable to buy an Electric Car.


Les Chase / Hace over 2 years

In the UK Esso are spending £500 million on a new Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel refining plant at Fawley refinery near Southampton. With the latest diesel engines coming on line, and new technology, diesel could still be a greener way forward. To go totally electric, all one is doing is to, move the pollution from the car exhaust to power stations. Solar and wind energy are fine during the day, but not too much good at night when the sun goes down, and wind can drop. Petrol cars, also have pollution problems as well. Yes, I do own a latest CAT 6 diesel car in Majorca, without feeling guilty.