The home of Gloria Zavala, who was murdered by her son | A.S.

The girlfriend of a teenager who murdered his mother in Arenal is being released from the Es Fusteret Centro Socioeducativo, but must remain in Majorca and report to the juvenile court every Monday.

On May 15, the body of Gloria Francisca Zavala was found wrapped in two large plastic bags inside a chest in the garage of her home.

An autopsy determined that the the 53-year-old Ecuadorian woman, who worked as a cleaner at Aqualand, had been strangled.

Her teenage son and his girlfriend went on the run and stayed in a campsite near Barcelona for one night before travelling to Belgium.

Police found them holed up at the Bentley Hotel in Brussels on May 21 and they were extradited to Majorca.

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The victim's son refused to testify at trial, but his 17-year-old girlfriend told Police that when they were in Belgium, he had confessed to killing his mother during an argument.