Enrique Medrano poses with the trophy he received last week. | Julián Aguirre


The Majorcan photographer, Enrique Medrano has been named Best Wedding Photographer in the World, by World Elite Photographers.

His father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle and cousin were all photographers and Enrique took his first photos with his father's camera when he was just 13.

He’s already won a stack of awards but says this one really means a lot.

It's an award that makes me very proud. All nominations and awards are very special awards, but this one, even more so.”

Enrique is passionate about his work and says his wife Reme Campello is the key to his success.

“She is the alma mater of everything and a wedding planner,” he says. “She takes care of all the smallest details and we try to create a very good relationship with the couple months before their big day. There are even couples who check when we are available to take photos, then schedule their wedding to fit in with us and that is very rewarding for me.”

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Enrique, who is also President of the Association of Balearic Photographers and admits the sector is very competitive.

“The worst thing is when couples get married and the photos are a disaster. That is what can happen if the couple use friends or acquaintances who are not professional wedding photographers.”

Some marriages last forever, but others barely last a week and Enrique says it’s heartbreaking when couples break up before the wedding photographs have been developed.

“I remember one occasion when a girl came and paid for the album, then threw it in the rubbish when she left the shop. I ran out and asked if she didn't like it and she told me they were in the process of getting a divorce."

The Medrano’s are famous photographers and it looks like the family dynasty isn’t over yet.

“My daughter Laura is only six years old but she has a good eye for taking photos and she is also our child model. My father and my grandparents lived their entire life in this profession and my grandfather supported a family of 13 children, but the profession has s changed a lot, it’s not so buoyant economically now, so maybe I will retire.”

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