Beaches have been closed because of spills. | Miquel A. Cañellas

A report by the regional environment ministry has not found an association between spills of faecal water in the bay of Palma and environmental damage. Specifically, a connection is not made between these spills and destruction of posidonia sea grass.

This report has been delivered to the court of instruction in Palma which is overseeing the case of a possible crime against the environment. Those under investigation in the case, who include Palma's councillor for the model of the city, Neus Truyol, are due to appear in court this week and to make statements. Truyol, who was the president of the Emaya municipal services agency from June 2015 to June 2019, is scheduled to appear on Friday.

The ministry's report concludes that it is impossible to establish a link between levels of contamination in the bay with spills. There is no register with sufficient historical data which enables a correlation to be made. The conclusions are, in part, at odds with reports presented by the Guardia Civil's environmental protection division, Seprona.