El Molinar is one of the favourite neighborhoods for residents and tourists to walk around all year round. | S. Amengual


The Federation of Veïnats of Palma and the Association of Veïns es Born in Molinar have asked Palma City Council to declare the stretch of bay between the Palacio de Congresos and Es Carnatge a special protection zone, or ZEP, specifically from the Palacio de Congresos to Es Carnatge.

It’s the second time that Miquel Obrador, President of this Neighbourhood group and the Federation of Veïnats de sa Ciutat de Palma, has made this request which he says is “of vital importance.”

The first time, the request included the stretch from the Cathedral to Es Carnatge, but the Council of Majorca has already begun a construction project in front of the Palacio de Congresos, which Obrador says "will mean a reduction in traffic, now we want protection that covers everything from the Congress Palace to Carnatge." He adding that “in the bay of Palma we have a unique nature reserve, but unfortunately it is neglected area.”

Obrador pointed out that spaces like ses Covetes and es Trenc are very well preserved, and insists that the area by the sea in ​​Palma must also be protected and maintained.

“The bay of Palma should not just be for tourists, it must also be for those of us who live here all year round and for all the people of Palma,” he said.

The request includes, paying greater attention to cleaning, maintenance and safety, as well as the protection of the traditional windmills such as sa Rosa d'es Vents, in Portitxol and El Molinar.

“In their time they were used to grind wheat and now they are reference points and some are even restaurants. The walk from the terraces of Molinar through the neighbourhoods of Ciutat Jardí, Cala Gamba and Carnatge to Can Pastilla is enjoyed by residents and tourists all year round,” said Obrador.

Residents say the lack of general maintenance, shortage of trees and abandonment of the Molinar pergolas are the main problems in the area.

“We want our neighbourhoods to retain their idiosyncrasies and ours is marine, accompanied by rural fields and mills. We have the support of the marine area from the Arenal to Cala Major,” said Miquel Obrador.

The petition will be officially presented at the next plenary session of the Town Hall this month.