Flights to and from the UK may be cancelled

Flights to and from the UK may be cancelled.

16-01-2020ANDY RAIN - AR GT - EFE - EPA

Passengers booked to fly between the UK and the Balearics this weekend are being advised to contact their airlines.

A severe weather front, Storm Dennis, is forecast to hit the UK and could lead to delays and cancellations.

Some airlines are already offering to transfer passengers to other flights free of charge.

Airlines do not pay compensation if their flights are affected by adverse weather.


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Lawrie / Hace about 1 year

Fred, I get what you're saying but that's supply and demand for you I'm afraid. I'll be in Mallorca early doors on the 1st of March courtesy of jet2 from Edinburgh. Jet2 have been flying early March from Edinburgh to Mallorca for a couple of years now. Long may it continue it makes life a wee bit better.


Phil Watkins / Hace about 1 year

Your a nasty little bath plug, I bet you can sell mud to avalanche victims. Not like the Scot being nasty, should live near a major airport.


STAN / Hace about 1 year

In some airports in the UK, Aircraft sometimes attempt to land. But if it is too dangerous from high crosswinds. They may have to Divert. This causes more passenger disruption. Some Aircraft may not be able to leave their UK Airports. If possible it could be prudent to transfer or delay your Flights if possible, this weekend. Unfortunately, there is the possibility of more bad weather on the way for next weekend.


Frederick Graham / Hace about 1 year

Ah Well ! Poor airlines and passengers from England and bits of Europe that can not get to Mallorca in February because of bad weather, sob sob and sob , we in Scotland can not get to Mallorca from November to the end of March even if the weather is fine , Airlines milk us Scots in the Spring/Summer and Autumn with higher fares than the rest of the UK and then dump us in the winter. So let it Snow and blow and the airlines loss money, I don’t care .